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eSupplier Connection, Strategic Sourcing, & Supplier Contract Mgt

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Marketplace, P-Card/Payment Services, & Web Service Validations

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…I had the pleasure of working with SRM+.  They excelled where others couldn’t manage a toehold.  SRM+ worked with the client sponsor to explain why current state requirements and processes needed optimization to support future objectives…looking forward to working with SRM+ again

Bob Carroll

Senior Consulting Partner, The Coeur Group

SRM+ provided results-driven experts for Quantech’s PeopleSoft SRM implementation and is on the leading edge with PeopleSoft’s Services Procurement application.  SRM+ is one of the few implementers who can make sense out of automating services and is excellent with PeopleSoft’s sPro application.

Robert Materna

Director of Contracts, Quantech Services

SRM+ is one of the pre-eminent voices in SRM / supplier integration solutions (cloud-based marketplaces and payment services).  Scott Walls helped the State save over 40% in its marketplace software / services selection efforts and was instrumental in the design of the Team Georgia Marketplace.

Terry Doumkos

Director of Strategic Sourcing, State of Georgia

What We Do

SRM+ seeks to enable its clients to be the most efficient procurer of goods and services within their space.

Together, we assess the existing environment, compare it to peers, create a vision to be best-in-class, and define the roadmap required to achieve that vision.


Organizational change requires internal and external participants to be ready, willing, and able to perform the tasks required to achieve the organization’s target state.

SRM+ partners with employees and external partners to ensure the change is acceptable and craft the materials required for each party to understand, embrace, and perform their role.  Additionally, we deliver the tools required to both measure and refine performance.

The objective of deployment is not the enablement of new technologies and processes.  It’s the achievement of the defined business goal(s).

SRM+ thrives to the extent their partners and clients achieve their business goals.  Our mission is simple, to enable our partners and clients to Be Better.  We do that by deploying solutions which are embraced and achieve sustainable business value.

  • Define Value-Focused Operating Models 13%
  • Prepare Organizations & Partners for Change 26%
  • Deploy Targeted Solutions 61%

Don't Be Shy

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